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Services for
Vet Practices

Emergency and Critical Care Services

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Overnight Care 

We are staffed 24 hours per day 365 days a year. We have availability to support our local veterinary practices on a basis whereby we can provide overnight monitoring of high-dependancy, ICU and critical patients. The patients are admitted to our hospital directly under their regular/GP vet practice. All communication is maintained directly through the regular practice.

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Case Transfers

Case transfer is an option, particularly for local or GP practices where there is no ongoing services available over the weekend or on public holidays. In this situation the case is handed over to our care in its entirety and LRV take over the case work up and client communication. These patients can still be rechecked with their regular practice once well.  

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Ventilated Patient Care

At Lake Road Veterinary Hospital, we have the facilities to provide ventilated patient care through our intensive care unit (ICU). This is particularly important for snake envenomation patients, tick paralysis, toxin ingestions and other critical care cases.  

Ambulance Services

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Emergency Pick Ups

Our Animal Ambulance has the ability to pick up patients from your practice under emergency situations. It is stock and ready for dispatch 24-hours a day. 

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Patient Transport

Our Animal Ambulance and Patinet Transport Vehicles are ready to transport patients between practices as needed throughout the week. We are hoping to get a regular Friday afternoon and Monday morning run happening to help faclite case transfers from the Albury/Woodonga, Leeton/Narrandera, Cootamundra, Temora, Young, Gundagai, Tumut, Adeoing and inbetween. 

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Ventilated Transfers

Our Animal Ambulance is fully equiped with oxygen supplementation, ventialtor, emergency medication and equipment. 

Pharmacy, Diagnostic and Supplies

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24-hour Pet Pharmacy

We have a well-stocked pharmacy throughout the year. If you find you need a particular medication out of hours our triage nurse and emergency veterinarians are only to happy to dispense appropriate quantities of emergency medication  

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24-hour Pathology Laboratory

We have a comprehensive suite of pathology and diagnostic equipment. We have 24 hour access to coagulation profiles, blood gases, blood lactate, small and large animal profiles as well as exotic profiles. If you need a particular test running out of hours our triage nurses and emergency veterinarians are only too happy to help work through different diagnostic options. 

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24 hour Prescription Food and Milk Formulas

We have a well-stocked range of Royal Canin prescription diets and Wombaroo hand-raising formulas. This can be important if you find yourself needing to hand-raise an unusual species late at night. 

Phone Services

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Phone Triage

We have the ability to answer your practice phone out-of-hours, provide triage and refer the patient to the nearest emergency practice. 

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On Call Phone (OCP)


We often will answer other practices phones and call out their own vets for out-of-hours calls. This service is available Australia-wide. 

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Phone Coverage

We have the ability to cover your phone while you are attending training, conducting staff meetings or your practice Christmas Party. 


Get in touch to learn more about our services for veterinary practices. Reach out to our Practice Manager, Jeremy 


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